Newborn & Family Portrait Photographer in Orlando

Newborn Photo Sessions

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"Brigitta Furcsa is a newborn and family portrait photographer in Orlando, Florida. Brigitta became a newborn photographer due to her constant amazement at the pure beauty, innocence, and sense of life that all babies bring to the world.  Her passion is photographing that intimate connection between a mother and her newborn. She herself is a mother of two awesome children, and her inspiration began with them. She knows and appreciates the instant bond between infant and mother, and has become a master at capturing that connection with a camera. There's more to being a newborn photographer than one would think: room temperatures need to be exact, surfaces need to be soft, props need to be available, safety standards need to be in place and upheld, and a soothing and loving demeanor is essential. Brigitta brings all of this, and more, to the table." (SpectaclePhoto)

// newborn portraits begin at $350